Enjoying the beautiful flowers in Ma'anshan

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There are lots of beautiful flowers in Ma’anshan all the year round. The flowers in autumn of Ma’anshan is as beautiful as those in spring. Many people in Ma’anshan are fond of enjoying flowers in autumn!



Almost 200 hectares of sunflowers are in full bloom in the Guohua Agricultural Sunflower Garden recently, which is gorgeous and splendid, attracting numerous tourists from surrounding cities.


Verbena is regarded as the holy flower and the symbol of peace in the ancient Europe. In the Shanhou town, Heshan county, thousands of Verbenas wave in the wind, making people intoxicated in the intoxicating purple and elegant fragrance.

Equinox Flower

In the early autumn when the day gets cool, the 250,000 equinox flowers in the Caishi Scenic Spot are in full bloom, like handfuls of neatly arranged umbrellas. You can get a great view if you go there in autumn.



At the foot of the Jiashan Mountain Park in Ma'anshan, several big Osmanthus trees are ablooming, gathered by many citizens who come to enjoy flowers. A pleasant smell is rushed at the nose when entering the Yushanhu Park from the south gate.

Galsang flower

At the riverside of the Zhuma River in He County, a cluster of Galsang flowers with mixing colors attracts tourists to stop by and take photos. You will marvel at the beautiful scenery when placing yourself in the sea of Galsang flowers that are in full bloom.

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