Jiuzhen Mountain

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Jiuzhen Mountain is the National AAAA Tourist Attraction and the birthplace of the Zhiyin culture with a wealth of natural resources and cultural heritage. Forging the Zhiyin cultural connotation of “Friendship and Harmony”, the Jiuzhen Mountain welcomes people to come to Zhiyin Hometown. Covering an area of 3 square kilometers, it is located in the core area of the Jizuzhen Mountain National Forest Park. The fern tree is one of the oldest plants that can be dated back to the age of the dinosaur, and is the living fossil under the national protection like the Chinese sturgeon. The large area of fern trees release a large amount of oxygen ion every day and the content of the oxygen ion in the air is 10 times than those in the urban center, forming an excellent natural oxygen bar.

Main sites:

Zhiyin Valley

With a total length of over 1000 meters, it boasts many remains of Zhong Ziqi, such as the Thatched Cottage, Fuqin Stone, Shifu Stone and Qiaofu Pavilion. The lush vegetation, crisscross ravines, murmuring spring water, singing birds and fragrant flowers make the valley fascinating all the year round. Walking through the valley, you can appreciate the diversity of the environment, the richness of the ecological resources and the continuity of the Zhiyin culture.

Fuqin Stone

The Fuqin Stone is 8 meters long and 5 meters wide. On the left of the stone is a person who is playing the zither and on the right is a person who is listening, and this is the reproduction of the story of “making bosom friends after sharing the music” between Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi.

Thatched Cottage of Ziqi

It is a wooden cottage, whose roof is covered with the thatch. Zhong Ziqi made his reclusive life in the mountains and depended on cutting firewood for his living. The cottage reflected the real living condition of Zhong Ziqi at that time.

Danxia Lake

The surface of the Danxia lake is as flat as a mirror and the lake water is very clear. When the sun sets and reflects on the lake, the water is clear and transparent, just like the rosy cloud.

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