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Croatia, officially The Republic of Croatia, is located in the republic of Southeast Europe. With a coastline of 1,777 kilometers, it has 1,185 small and big islands, 66 of which have residents. However, what is worth mentioning is their startling beauty rather than the quantity. The percentage of land covered by forest is up to 33%. If you want to feel the most beautiful Mediterranean, you can travel to Croatia, known as the “Shining Pearl of the Mediterranean”.


Dubrovnik is a port city of Southeast Croatia, as well as the largest tourist center and health resort. Surrounded by rivers and mountains, and filled with lush trees, it is an old town with the Medieval Style. The most famous activity in Dubrovnik is the annual Dubrovnik Summer Festival, a cultural event lasting 45 days, including live shows, concerts, and Carnival. The landmark of Dubrovnik is the city wall that encircled the city for over 3 kilometers. Dubrovnik became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.


It is the famous historical city and the second largest city in Croatia, and the biggest harbor in the Dalmatian area. The city has many royal palaces and other historical sites at the time of the Roman Empire. Built in 305AD, Diocletian's Palace covers an area of 30,000 square meters. The wall is 17 to 21 meters high, and 2 meters wide. The wall is 17 to 21 meters high, and 2 meters high. The six marble columns transported across the ocean from the Middle East are sophisticated and magnificent.


Located in the Northwest of Croatia, the west bank of River Sava, Zagreb is the capital as well as the political, economic and cultural center of Croatia. As a noted historical city of the central Europe, it is composed of old towns including churches, town halls and other ancient buildings, new districts including squares and opera houses, and the modern city developed after the World War II. It is not only an old town with historical and cultural treasures, but also a dynamic city displaying vitality.

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