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Singapore is an island nation in Southeast Asia and one of Asia’s most important financial, service and shipping centers. It makes great achievements in city road cleaning, and thus getting the name as the “Garden City”. The weather in Singapore is warm throughout the year, which is suitable for tourism. It annually draws nearly 12,000 tourists from all over the world.

Resorts World Sentosa

Located in the tourist resort, Sentosa Island, built for the purpose of tourism initially,

is the world-class comprehensive tourist destination. It has not only the first and only Universal Studios Theme Park in Southeast Asia, but also the Marine Life Park, including the world’s largest Aquarium- the S.E.A.Aquarium, and the Adventure Cove Water Park. In addition, it also boasts the Maritime Museum, casino, six luxury hotels, the Resorts World Convention Centre, the world-level luxury spa village and so on.


"Sentosa" means "peace and quiet" in the Malay language, probably because this small island was once the British military base, the Singapore government gave it such a beautiful name when they decided to built it into a resort after recovery of land. Sentosa, and the south of the main island of Singapore a half kilometer away, are linked by a cross-sea bridge. It is 4.2 kilometers long, 1 kilometer wide, covering an area of 390 hectares. Almost every inch of the land carries a sense of leisure. You can walk with bare feet, enjoy the sea wind, look out from the Merlion Tower of 37 meters high and visit the World Entomological Museum.

Singapore Underwater World

Built in May 1991, it is the Asia’s largest tropical aquarium, where lives about 2500 types of sea creatures. Most of the bizarre marine life on display is from the surrounding water. The Underwater World has attracted more than 20 million tourists since it opened in 1991. You are able to see a variety of breathtaking marine and freshwater creatures, which can be dated back as early as millions of years ago.

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