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Xiapu, the city of twilight, is a legend on the riverside. Many photographers are attracted by the mudflats of Xiapu and the famous shooting place in Yangjia Stream. Xiapu’s long coastline, shallow sea, and fine mudflats provide not only the favorable natural condition for sea farming, but also the exceptional scenery for photographers

Yangjia Stream

The stream is spotlessly clean and you can float downstream by a bamboo raft. The stream is crystal-clear that makes you clearly see underwater stones. Sometimes, it is up to 10 meters deep, which is suitable for swimming in summer.

Yangjia Stream is a great spot for shooting. In spring, the ancient banyan trees are shrouded in the rain and mist; in autumn, the field seems to be covered with golden clothes and mountains are full of red maples. It is worth mentioning that you can access the Yangjia Stream for free before 7 am and after 5 pm.


Beiqi village is a seaweed farm that is scattered with seaweed shelves and ships. When the tide rises, the hectic ships shuttle back and forth over the seaweed shelves, integrated with the sea, mountains, and islands as a unified whole; when the tide is out, the working fishermen move around the beach, giving this mudflat a rhythmic and dynamic beauty. No matter from what angle, the viewfinder can barely resist the appeal of the colorful mudflat composed of light and shadow.

Xiaohao Beach

It is a must-go site for photographers who come to Xiapu. Xiaohao presents its colorfulness with the ebb and flow of the tide and the change of seasons. The tide is the same, but the shadow is different; the labor is the same, but the emotion is different. Photographers can always create endless exquisite works. Xiaohao is dominated by the sandy mudflat. When shooting with the front light, you can see the golden mudflat changes with the wave, sparkling with a charming silver light.

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