Yuanyang Terrace

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Located in the south of the Ailao Mountain in Yuanyang County, Yunnan province, the Yuanyang terrace is the masterpiece of the Hani people for generations. It was listed as a World Heritage site at the 37th session of the World Heritage Committee. This pastoral scenery “carved” by the Hani people for more than 1300 years should not be missed.

The lofty mountains and high ranges spread all over the Yuanyang County. All terraces are constructed on the hillside, of which slope is between 15 degrees and 75 degrees. The cultivated terrace changes with the mountain stream and terrains, of which gentle slopes and large territories are converted into big fields, and steep slopes and small territories are converted into small fields. And the number of steps on the highest slope reaches 3000, which is very rare in the terraced landscape world widely.

On the Guanyin Mountain of the Yuanyang County, 18167.6 hectares of the primitive forest, just like the giant natural reservoir, absorbs, stores and conserves the evaporated moisture from the dry-hot valley. The water forms numerous rivers, waterfalls, and pools in the mountain, providing the Yuanyang people and terrace with abundant water. As far as eyes can see, the terrace, which is as clear as the mirror, is breathtaking; in the distance, the terrace illuminated by the sunlight is just like the fallen Smurf to the ground.

Dotted with the green rice seedlings, the red duckweed, lush trees and scattered mushrooms, the terrace presents the spectacular scene, tremendous momentum, gorgeous color and strong flavor, creating a magnificent and overwhelming painting.

With the spectacular terrace, magnificent national culture, and colorful national festivals, Yuanyang is attracting an increasing number of photographers to shoot the beautiful and mysterious scenery.

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