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Located in the Southwest of the Denizli, Pamukkale is a well-known spa resort. It not only boasts the natural hot springs with a history of thousands of years, but also has the peculiar cotton-like hills. This fabulous wonderland is a splendid work of nature. When people come here, they cannot help but sign: how does God create this wonderful palce?

Consisting of the whole hillside, it is white as cotton and is shaped like castles, and thus was given the name “Pamukkale”. There are many hot springs that flow down from the cave ceiling, washing the hillside into the shape of the ladder. On the stage, the reserved spring water converged into the pond, where people are able to take a bath. The precipitated mineral substance in the spring water dyes the hillside into white, like the outdoor lava.

If one looks down from the top, the hot spring platforms are just like mirrors that reflect the blue sky and white clouds; If one looks up from the bottom, like the volcano that has just erupted. The white magma covers the whole hillside, forming a spectacular view. The tourists carrying their shoes take a bath in the hot springs while walking down from the mountaintop along the winding path. Both their minds and bodies have integrated into the beautiful nature.

The white Pamukkale, boasting both mountings and waters, has been a spa resort since the ancient Greek two thousand years ago. It is now one of the most significant tourist attractions of Turkey. Sunset of Pamukkale is a view that you definitely cannot miss. When the color of sunlight changes from golden to crimson, Pamukkale is just like a gorgeous lotus that exhales the incredible light miracles. The white rock surface is dyed to light colors by the sun, and the water wave records the fantastic changing colors of the sky.

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