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With a total area of about one thousand square kilometers, Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia's Society Islands of the central southern Pacific Ocean. As the political and economic center of French Polynesia, it has four spring-like seasons and is rich in resources. The adequately fed and clothed people always contemplate at the sight of the sea in the distance and wait for the sunset and dawn. The sunshine comes accompanied by the wind from the Pacific Ocean, turning the color of the sea from deep into limpid. Due to the elegant tropical scenery and the colorful sea, it is regarded as “the closest place to heaven”. Its subtropical climate makes it a favorable place for the growth of coconut, sugarcane, vanilla, and coffee beans.

The famous French impressionist painter, Gauguin, was intoxicated with the primitive art and spent his most prolific years in this island. The Paul Gauguin Museum was built here in memory of the time he had lingered over. Here, I’d like to give you an idea of this amazing place through introducing its customs and natural landscape.

Local customs

Singing and dancing

People in Tahiti have dark, ruby face, fit body, easy-going characters and are expert at dancing and singing. Women will wear crowns and golden grass skirt made of straw, dancing to the rhythm of the leather drum. Men will also gather to perform a variety of shows.


Heiva is the most important day of Tahiti, which is to celebrate the Polynesia’s obtain of autonomy. Everyone will participate in the several days of celebration activities including sports, and people will sing and dance at night. One of the most important ancient rituals—circumcision, will be held during the activities to celebrate the future king entering adulthood.


Tahiti is home to many tropical flowers, and the whole land is filled with the aroma. It has formed the significant flower base. As a volcanic island, it has much detritus along the beach, which is suitable for surfing, sailing and deep-sea fishing. The cave can spray water when there are harsh winds and high seas, which unfolds a spectacular sight. Cinerite makes the fertile land, in which the tropical fruits, such as breadfruit, pineapples, pawpaw, mango, and bananas can be seen everywhere.

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