6-Day Tour in Lijiang

Day 1 Arrive Lijiang

Sightseeing: Lijiang Old Town

We'll begin our journey to Lijiang, which is the travel highlight of Yunnan. Our local guide will meet us at Lijiang airport. And then we will be transferred to our hotel. The rest time will be free in Lijiang Old Town.

Day 2 Lijiang

Sightseeing: Shuhe Old Town, Mu Emperor’s Palace, Lion Hill, Baisha Village and Mural.

Special Experience: Naxi Orchestral and Show in Dongba Palace in Lijiang Old Town.

Trekking Duration: 1.5 hours

Meals: Hotel Breakfast, Chinese lunch, and dinner

We'll head for Shuhe Old Town, which is the relic of the Tea-Horse Trading Caravan from the bank of Mekong River to India via Tibet. We are planning to walk from LongQuan (Dragon Spring) in Shuhe Old Town to Baisha Village, we will visit the Naxi family and Baisha Muralin in Baisha village. Lunch at “Just Here Restaurant” in Baisha Street.

After lunch, drive back to Lijiang and visit the Wangu Pagoda at the top of the Lion Hill, here you will have a wonderful panoramic view of Lijiang Old Town. We will walk down from the Lion Hill to Mu Emperor’s Palace, which is the local chieftain’s former residence.

Attend the Naxi Orchestral and Show in Dongba Palace in the Lijiang Old Town at night.

Overnight at Lijiang Homestead Pavilion

Day 3 Lijiang

Sightseeing: Qiaotou Town, Nuoyu Village, 28 Turns Trail, the upper Tiger Leaping Gorge, Haba Snow Mountain

Trekking Duration: 7 hours.

At 6:00, drive to Qiaotou Town, it takes 2 hours on the trip. Your hiking trip starts from here, the 28 zigzagging turns will be a real test. From the top of "28 turns" on the high path further uphill to a place of altitude above 3000m, you can have a view of the panorama of the entire Gorge. Pass the Tea Horse Guest House (5 hours) and arrive at Halfway Guesthouse (2500m) to finish today's trekking. The total trekking route is 26 km, and it takes about 6-8 hours.

Overnight at Halfway Guesthouse

Meals: Hotel Breakfast, Chinese lunch, and dinner

Day 4 Lijiang

Sightseeing: Walnut Grove, Middle Rapids, Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge

Trekking Duration: 7 hours.

In the early morning, continue hiking to Tina's Inn (2 hours) after another hour walking down the steep cliff to the bank of Jinsha River to the Middle Gorge (Middle Hutiao or Middle Rapids), worship the dangerous shoal of "Starriness", it is the most narrow part of the gorge, where a tiger can easily jump over the Jinsha River. Lunch at the Middle Rapids or where it is more suitable or convenient.

There are 3 roads from the Middle Rapids back up to the Gorge to Walnut Grove. One ends at the left of Woody No.2 (using the main road for tourist coaches, 15 yuan for "road crossing" fee). Another ends near Teacher Zhang's Guesthouse (through Tianti which takes 2 hours, 5 yuan "road crossing" fee), take the third which go through ends near Chateau Woody where you see a sign advertising Xia Yin Gu's guide service. Take the third one which goes through Yixiantian but takes 3 hours as the scenery is the most spectacular in the entire Tiger Leaping Gorge. Notice that on this third road close to the rapids there is a very dangerous section of a few dozen meters long called "Tiny Sky" (and you need to pay between 2-5 yuan depending on the condition to cross that). Note at the rapids itself, there are two places charging "road crossing" fees of 15 yuan each: one for a small bridge leading to the first road, the other for crossing the wooden plank to the Middle Tiger Leaping Rock.

From Half way Guesthouse to Middle Hutiao or Rapids will take between 3 to 4 hours. Then climb up the gorge to Walnut Grove (Woody’s Guesthouse) using either the Tianti or Yixiantian route. Depending on how tired, choose the one to suit on the day. So from Middle Hutiao to Walnut Grove will take 2 or 3 hours and hence the total for the day from Halfway Guesthouse to Walnut Grove will be about 5 to 6 hours.

Overnight at Woody's Guesthouse

Meals: Hotel Breakfast, Chinese lunch, and dinner

Day 5 Lijiang

Sightseeing: Walnut Grove, Lower Tiger Leaping Gorge, Daju Town Ferry Trekking, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Trekking Duration: 5 hours.

After early breakfast at Woody’s Guesthouse, we will walk along the road to a Naxi village at the back of the Lower Tiger Leaping Gorge. Then across the Yangtze River at Daju Ferry. We will continue the trekking to Daju Town.

Lunch at Daju Town, then drive back to Lijiang. On the way visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and take the chairlift to visit the Yak Meadow.

Late afternoon back to Lijiang.

Meals: Hotel Breakfast, Chinese lunch, and dinner

Day 6 Lijiang Departure

Transfer to Lijiang Airport for the returning.

Finish your wonderful trip in Lijiang.

Meals: Hotel Breakfast