5-day Tour in Anhui

Day 1 Arrival at Huangshan

Arrival at Huangshan Airport or Huangshan Train Station, met by our local English speaking tour guide and transferred to your hotel in Huangshan. After dinner, you are free for the remainder of the day.

Meals: Chinese dinner

Hotel: Yes

Day 2 Mount Huangshan

After breakfast at your hotel, check out and deposit your suitcases in the hotel, take your valuables, passport and a bag with a change of clothes. Then drive north for about 80km and get to Tangkou Township where you change for the local green bus and continue to drive for about 15 minutes along the zigzag mountain road before you get to the bus station at Yungu. Then take the cable up to Mount Huangshan.

Get off at White Goose Cable Station and walk from the station to your hotel on Huangshan - Beihai Hotel. On the 2 km walk, you will see the sunning views of Stalagmite Peak, Beginning-to-Believe-Peak and A Flower Blooming on Brush Tip. Check in at your hotel - Beihai Hotel.

After lunch at your hotel and take a short break. Then start your afternoon sightseeing at Dawn Pavilion, Refreshing Terrace and Stone Monkey Gazing over the Sea of Clouds.

Return to your hotel in Beihai Hotel around. After dinner, free for rest of the day. Go to bed early preparing for next morning's the first Light of the Morning if fine weather (don't forget to check the sunrise time from the hotel front desk).

Meals: Hotel Breakfast, Chinese lunch and dinner

Hotel: Yes

Day 3 Huangshan - Jiuhuashan

Early in the morning, after simple washing and putting on the winter jacket available in your room, hurry down and hike about 500 meters up to Dawn Pavilion by using flashlights, the best point to view the dawn and twilight in Huangshan. If you are lucky, you will catch the first sun light, but the sunrise is blocked the Beginning-to-believe Peak. Maybe that's why it is called "Dawn Pavilion" instead of "Sunrise Pavilion".

After breakfast and check out around 8:30am and begin 4-hour sightseeing at Brightness Summit. Take a 3-km walk to Brightness Summit, the second highest peak in Hangshan, 1860 meters in altitude. Then hike down 1.5km to Flying Over Rock. Take a 3-km walk back to Beihai Hotel.

Finishing all the sightseeing in Huangshan, have a 2km walk back to White Goose Cable Station and take the cable car down the mountain. Take the green bus back to Tangkou Township where you are arranged to change for your car or van back to your hotel in Tunxi. After dinner, you are Free for the rest of the day.

Meals: Hotel Breakfast, Chinese lunch and dinner

Hotel: Yes

Day 4 Tunxi - Hongcun Village - Shexian County - Tunxi Hongcun Village

After breakfast, take a one hour ride from Tunxi to Hongcun Village. Hongcun Village is located at the foot of the southwest side of Mt. Huangshan, only 11kms away from Yixian town. It is a unique, buffalo-shaped ancient village, added to the list of the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in late 2000. Hongcun Village is typical of Huizhou Dwellings, one of the vernacular dwellings in China, which are adapted to the characters of hills and waters there.

After visiting in Hongcun Village, you are transferred to the Old Town of Shexian County. Shexian County is about 27km in the northeast of Huangshan City. It is famous for its rich culture and long history. It is listed as one of four best preserved ancient towns in China, along with Pingyao in Shanxi, Lijiang in Yunan and Longzhong in Sichuan Province.

Shexian County is representative of Hui Culture, the cradle of Peiking Opera. Shexian County is the original area of Hui merchants. Shexian County is the main production area for the Ink and ink stone, the two treasures of the four treasures of the study. Shexian County is also nicknamed "the county of Paifang". Paifang is also called "pailou', a traditional Chinese architectural archway.

Return to Tunxi and stroll along the Tunxi Old Street. Tunxi Old Street is a souvenir street lined with wooden shops and Ming-style Huizhou buildings. Wanc uilou on the Laojie offers an in-depth look at Huizhou architecture, furniture and antiques. Duck into the side alleys for a glimpse of the bona fide slice of the local life.

At the end of the day trip and stay overnight in Tunxi.

Meals: Hotel Breakfast, Chinese lunch and dinner

Hotel: Yes

Day 5 Exit from Tunxi

After breakfast at your hotel, you are free on your own. Then you are transferred to Huangshan airport or railway stay for your next destination. Tour Arrangements will be subject to local real conditions.

Meals: Hotel Breakfast

Hotel: No