4-day Tour in Suzhou

If you are interested in the Classical Chinese garden design, don't miss a trip to Suzhou. Listed UNESCO World Heritage in 1997, the Classical Gardens of Suzhou are masterpieces of Chinese landscape garden design, a symphonic combination of rocks, bridges, trees, water, and buildings.

Described by Marco Polo as one of the most beautiful cities in China, the "Garden City" of Suzhou is also dubbed as "Venice of the East" and immortalized in its hackneyed proverb "In heaven, there is a paradise, on earth Suzhou and Hangzhou". Suzhou's charm lies in its surviving canal scenes, pagodas, whitewashed houses, cobbled streets, tree-lined avenues, and canals.

Day 1 Arrival at Suzhou

Arriving at Suzhou Railway Station, you are met by our tour guide and transferred to your hotel in Suzhou. You are at leisure and explore the city on your own for the rest of the day.

Day 2 Suzhou

Pick up from your hotel around 8:30 am and start your Suzhou private day tour. First, visit Suzhou Museum (Monday closed). Suzhou Museum is a museum of ancient Chinese art, paintings, calligraphies, and handmade crafts. Then move on to the Humble Administrator's Garden. The Humble Administrator’s Garden is one of the four most famous private gardens in Suzhou, crowned as the World Cultural Heritage Site along with other classical gardens of Suzhou.

Then walk along Pingjiang Road. This 800-year old street is the best preserved ancient “water lane” ( in contrast with “water town”) in Suzhou. The 1600-meter cobblestone path runs alongside with a canal with willows dipping their branches in the water, cute little bridges that cross and all flanked by old white-washed local houses.

After Chinese lunch, continue to visit the Master of the Nets Garden, the best and most celebrated as a model Ming Dynasty Garden in all of Suzhou. The Master of the Nets Garden is really a masterpiece. The good use of space is the most effective thing about this garden. Rock arrangements and beautiful fish pools match each other as do the house and garden parts. The garden also holds many structures of using lattice windows to frame views of flowers or bamboo.

Head to the Ancient City Gate and Grand Canal. The Panmen City Gate is the oldest city gate in existence in Suzhou city. It used to be one of the eight city gates during the Spring & Autumn Annals (770-476 BC) when Suzhou was the capital of the Wu Kindom. The Gand Canal is one of the greatest ancient projects in China and is the longest man-made canal in the world.

At the end of the day tour, you are transferred back either to your hotel around 5:00 pm.

Day 3 Suzhou Excursion

Pick up from your hotel in Suzhou around 08:30 am and first drive to the famous WatertownTongli Town. The ancient Tongli Town has a history of over 1000 years, a typical Watertown in the Yangtze River area. The ancient town is scenic enough to be surrounded by waters. The town is cut into 7 islands by 15 canals which are linked by 45 bridges. It is reputed as “the Venice of the East”.

After Chinese lunch, move on to Zhouzhuang Water Town. Zhouzhuang is known as the No.01 Watertown in China. This over 900-year-old Watertown has become a trove of oriental culture with its simple and pristine custom, unique folklore, the well preserved ancient residential houses and mesmerizing Watertown views. You will board a Chinese style gondola to cruise the Watertown.

After the Suzhou side trip, you are transferred back to your midtown hotel in Suzhou.

Day 4 Leave Suzhou

Today you are free on your own till you are transferred to the Suzhou Railway Station for your next destination.