3-Day Tour in Huangshan

Day 1 Arrival at Huangshan

Arrival at Huangshan Airport or Huangshan Train Station, met by our local English speaking tour guide. Have dinner and free for the rest of the day.

Day 2 Huangshan

Cable car up to Mount Huangshan. After breakfast at your hotel, check out and deposit your suitcases in the hotel, take your valuables, passport and a bag with a change of clothes.

Then drive along Huangshan Expressway to Huangshan Scenic Area, about 1.5-hour's drive, 80 km north from your hotel in Tunxi. Get off the expressway from the exit No. 299 at Tangkou Township. Then change for the local green bus and continue to drive for about 15 minutes along the zigzag mountain road before you get to the bus station at Yungu.

Taking a 5-minute walk from the bus station to Yungu Telpher Station. Actually, there are two cable stations in Yungu. We take the new telpher station. The 10-minute ride takes you to the White Goose Telpher Station at the top of White Goose Ridge of Huangshan Mountain.

Taking a 0.8 km pleasant walk from White Goose Telpher Station to Stalagmite Peak.

We got off the cable car at the White Goose Telpher Station and walk along the White Goose Ridge towards Stalagmite Peak, the first peak on your Huangshan Trip. From the cable car station to the Stalagmite Peak is 0.8 km. It is a pleasant walk boasting amazing views of pine trees, colorful leaves and various peaks with comfortable temperature under an azure sky.

Taking a 0.2 km walk from Stalagmite Peak to Beginning-to-Believe-Peak. This 20-minute walk is a little difficult than that of from the White Goose Telpher Station to Stalagmite Peak. The mountain road is a bit steep. On the way, you can still enjoy the different views of pine trees and unknown peaks.

Taking a 1 km walk from Beginning-to-Believe Peak to A Flower Blooming on Brush Tip. After enjoying the fantastic view of Beginning-to-Believe Peak, you walk 1 km towards to another famous attraction – A Flower on the Tip of a Brush Pen. This 1 km walk is also quite interesting. Especially you could see some unique pine trees. One of the pine trees is called “Umbrella Pine” named by Secretary of United Nations – Mr.Kofi Anna and his wife Nane Anna when they paid a visit to Huangshan on May 20-21, 2006.

After lunch at your hotel and take a short break. At 3:00 pm, start your afternoon sightseeing at the Grand Canyon of West Sea.

Taking a 2 km walk towards Grand Canyon of West Sea. You ramble along the stone paved roads winding under arched trees. One pine tree named “Tuanjiesong”. The tree is 14.5 meters high. You also passed Cloud Dispelling Pavilion before you get to the entrance to the Grand Canyon of West Sea. Walk one or two circular paths down to the canyon, depending on the weather condition and your energy.

Return to your hotel around 6:30 pm. After dinner, free for rest of the day. Go to bed early preparing for next morning's the first Light of the Morning if the weather is fine (don't forget to check the sunrise time from the hotel front desk - usually around 6:00 am).

Day 3 Leave Huangshan

Leave Huangshan in the evening around 5:30 am, after simple washing and putting on the winter jacket available in your room, hurry down and hike about 500 meters up to Dawn Pavilion by using flashlights, the best point to view the dawn and twilight in Huangshan. If you are lucky, you will catch the first sunlight, but the sunrise is blocked the Beginning-to-believe Peak. Maybe that's why it is called "Dawn Pavilion" instead of "Sunrise Pavilion".

After breakfast and check out around 8:30 am and begin 2-hour sightseeing at Dawn Pavilion, Refreshing Terrace and Stone Monkey Gazing over the Sea of Clouds.

Walk to Dawn Pavilion

The Down Pavilion is your first sight in the morning. The steps leading to the pavilion are a little steep, but it isn't hard to climb up if you keep your slow pace. As the name implies, the Dawn Peak is one of the best places to see the first light of the sun on Huangshan Mountain. The peak is 1625 in altitude. From this peak, you can also see and admire the granite forest peaks in Huangshan Mountain.

Refreshing Terrace

Continue to walk from Dawn Peak, soon you will meet the Refreshing Terrace, a perfect platform to overlook the granite peaks and the sea of clouds. The rocks consist of fine granular porphyritic granite. The rock platform overhangs the cliffs.

Stone Monkey Gazing over the sea of clouds

Next to Refreshing Terrace is the peak called “Stone Monkey Gazing over the Sea of Clouds”. But the short hike from Refreshing Terrace is a little tiring with steep steps.

Finishing all the sightseeing in Huangshan, have a 2 km walk back to the White Goose Telpher Station and take the cable car down the mountain. Take the green bus back to Tangkou Township where you are arranged to have your lunch around 11:40 am.

After lunch, take a 40-minute bus ride from Tangkou Township to Hongcun Village. Hongcun Village is located at the foot of the southwest side of Mt. Huangshan, only 11 km away from Yixian town. It is a unique, buffalo-shaped ancient village. The locals like Leigang Hill as the "head", two huge trees on the hill as the "horns", the residences in the village as the "body" a winding stream as the "intestines", a crescent pond as the "stomach" and the four bridges as the "four feet". Because of this extraordinary vernacular dwelling of the village, Hongcun Village was added to the list of the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in late 2000. It is also the location for the famous prize film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".

After one hour visit in Hongcun Village, drive about 60 km back to Tunxi Huangshan and take your suitcases deposited in the hotel. Next, you either choose to visit Huizhou Culture Museum or walk around the old town in Tunxi.

At the end of your trip in Huangshan, you are returned to either Huangshan Train Station or Huangshan Airport for your next destination.