8-Day Tour in Czech

Nestled in the center of Europe, the Czech Republic is a country steeped in history. It’s been populated for thousands of years and is a land dotted with castles, medieval towns, beautiful mountains, ancient ruins, and world-class wineries. The country sees more and more tourists each year but they mostly stick to Prague.



Mysterious Luolan Ancient city

Loulan ancient city is found on the west bank of Lop Nur in 2nd century BC. Loulan Ancient city was the capital city of Luolan...
Russia's most spectacular ski resorts

Those who want to try something different from a ski trip to Switzerland or Austria can always enjoy a breakfast with a view of...

Nuweiba, a haven of tranquility on the coast of South Sinai, is situated around 180 km south of Sharm El Sheikh. It boasts an...
Komodo National Park

One of Indonesia's greatest natural treasures, this national park, established in 1980, encompasses Komodo, Rinca, Padar,...
Three sensational seafood spots around the world

Archeological records suggest that humans have been preparing and eating seafood for at least 165,000 years, and it’s safe to...
Chinese Silk

Silk is one of China's contributions to the world. China is the first country to manufacture and use silk. According to the...
The Magnificent Borobudur Temple

The world's largest Buddhist temple and one of Indonesia's biggest attractions is Unesco World Heritage–listed Borobudur...
The Art Tour in Barcelona

Barcelona is an enchanting seaside city with boundless culture, fabled architecture and a world-class drinking and dining scene...


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