7-Day Tour in Singapore

Singapore is a thriving cosmopolitan city with a historical deeply rooted in trade and commerce. An abundant of world-class, affordable attractions are spring up on a regular basis, whilst the vast of restaurants and nightlife options cater for everybody, from budget backpackers to high rolling billionaires



The fairy wonderland

It's easy to fall in love with Copenhagen, a city at once historic and modern, traditional and innovative. Known for its desig...
Get active in Bermuda

Bermuda is an undeniably picturesque place that conjures visions of delicate pink beaches with palms swaying in the breeze, but...
Tokyo in spring: best things to see and do

Like everywhere in Japan, spring in Tokyo means sakura (cherry) blossoms. This is an obvious reason to visit, but by no means...
Stunning mountain scenery in Italy

The dolomites are a very impressive range of mountains in the Italian Alps that cover a large part of southern and eastern Trentin...
Secrets of Egypt's tombs and temples

The Pyramids of Giza, the last surviving wonders of the ancient world, are undoubtedly Egypt’s most-visited attraction, and...
Exploring Delhi's Historic Cities

At first glance, Delhi embodies all that is exasperating and chaotic about modern India. It can take nerves of steel to face the...
Cycling in the scenic Victoria

Victoria, in Australia's southeast corner, is the perfect destination for two-wheeled touring. It stuffs a good cross-section...
Top 5 reasons Belgium isn’t boring

Double- and triple-fried fritesThough the Brits claim them, Belgium is the spiritual home of chips – it’s where golden frites...


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