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Charm of Pakistan I[1] Photographer: Syed Mehdi Bukhari
Tags Scenery
Description Sunset At Shyok River, Khaplu Valley , Gilgit-Baltistan

As the prime interest, documentary photography enables photographer Syed Mehdi Bukhari to depict the familiar in an unfamiliar way with encompassing portraits, daily and cultural activities.

This series of photographs captured the beauty of Pakistan, bringing out moments and sceneries that many otherwise bypass our eyes. For instance, the common night views can be captured in a surreal manner, and the ordinary everyday scenarios in daylight can be demonstrated through re-composition from alternative viewpoints.

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EXIF Date Time: 2013:10:25 17:05:05
Camera: Canon EOS 550D
Aperture F Number:
Exposure Time: 1/1000s
Focal Length: mm
ISO: 200