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Thomas Kellner

Born in Bonn, Germany in 1966, Thomas Kellner studied art, sociology, politics and economy at the University of Siegen, Germany.

From the beginning of his studies, Thomas Kellner's basic interest was in experimental and conceptual photography. He developed different pinhole series, photogram work and printings in alternative techniques, such as cyanotype, saltpaper and others. His main interests have always been in finding strong visual language combined with layers of contents. After a project on the German border, Thomas started working on European monuments in 1997 using the contact sheet method and “deconstructing architecture as a visual language”.

Afterwards, Thomas Kellner has been known for his photographs of seemingly dancing architectural exteriors and interiors of tourist attractions from all over the world, and also his work is often referred to Cubism considering that his creative process includes a construction but the results resemble a deconstruction.

Thomas Kellner’s works imitate the wandering look of the eye, showing us segments of the total which come together as one image. Therefore his photographs do not deconstruct architecture but reconstruct our view on it. At the same time his work also reflects the flood of pictures we live in nowadays and furthermore contains the question of decaying cultural values.

Since 1997, Thomas Kellner has been living and working as a visual artist in Siegen. In 2003, Thomas received the call for membership to the German Association for Photography (DGPh), and in 2003 and 2004, he was a visiting professor of fine art photography at the University of Giessen. Since 2005, Thomas has been regularly invited as an expert to meeting places around the world, such as the festivals in Brasilia, Houston and Beijing. odak Germany awarded him the Young Professionals Prize upon which he decided on a life in art and photography.

In addition, Thomas Kellner has shown his work in solo exhibitions in: Aarhus, Brasilia, Boston, Chicago, Cologne, Giessen, Hamburg, London, Los Angeles, Munich, New York, Portland, Siegen, and Stuttgart, among others.