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Stéphane de Rouville

Living in  Paris and travelling abroad as much as possible (usually five to six months in a row),  Stéphane de Rouville is in his fifties now and dedicates his photographic work on two main subjects:

The first one is: nomadic life (especially the transhumances, when nomads move from one place to another), and more generally "caravans' world" (some caravans are commercial ones, not necessarily nomadic ones).

The second subject is: huge log rafts. In places where there are commercial woods and no roads, people use to build huge log rafts (the biggest ones can reach more than 500 meters long), and to convey the wood this way, by the rivers, till the place (usually a port, or a sawmill) where it will be sold.

More generally, Stéphane has his interested in endangered cultures. For himself, it is a great chance to live and observe the last shreds of those intangible cultural legacies of humanity.


Main Titles & Prizes:

2018: HIPA photo contest. Finalist in the portfolio category with a subject about “Witches in Ghana”.

2017: Youmanity Today photo contest. Among the 20 finalists (three pics).

2016: Global Photography International Photo Contest. Finalist (single photo).

2016: Allard Prize. Winner (single photo).

2016: Xposure photo contest. Runner up (single photo).

2016: Cepic Photography awards. Finalist (2 pics).

2016: DMZ Half and Half photo contest. Finalist (2 pics among the last 24).

2016: Photographe-Voyageur photo contest. Finalist (single pic).

2015: Humanity Photo Awards. Documentary Award with the portfolio “The last nomadic Evens of Yakutia”.

2015: Humanity Photo Awards. Performance Award with the portfolio “Bamboo conveyors in Bangledesh”.

2015: Grand Prix photo Saint-Tropez. Finalist (single pic).

2014 : Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle photo contest. Finalist (single pic).

Before that date I didn’t participate to any photo contest.

In addition, Stéphane's work has been published in French and international photo magazines, and is actually preparing a book about those huge log rafts (six stories: Bangladesh, Nigeria, Columbia, Kalimantan, Peru, Philippines) which will be edited by "Editions de La Martinière".