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Romain Veillon

Passionate forever by travels and photography, Romain Veillon is specialised in the urban exploration of our abandon heritage across the world; whether it is old castles, factories, hospitals or even churches. He immortalises these places where time seems to be frozen and share with us the discovery of these incredible locations that the world have forgotten. Each photography owns its proper history and invite us to dive with him looking for these ghosts of the past. His work questions us on the connections between Man and his environment in a society where recent changes push us to interrogate about our former actions and their consequences today.


 "L'ivress", Paris 2013

 "Brody's studios", Budapest 2014

 «Galerie Brumaire», Paris 2014

 «JBF art gallery», Paris 2014

 «RDVI Rendez-vous image», Strasbourg, 2015

 «Temps suspendu», Musée de la poste, Paris, 2016

 «Vues libres à Pontaniou», Brest, 2016

 "Demande à la poussière", Galerie GADCOLLECTION, Paris 2017



 2015: Nikon Photography contest: 3éme place

 2015: International chamber of commerce, photography award, finaliste

 2016: IPOTY award, honorable mention

 2017: Résidence artisitique Calcutta, Arte Laguna Prize



 « Ask the dust »                              

 Number: 224 pages

 Publisher : Carpet Bombing Culture   

 Language : Englsih 


Media and Internet:

Recently, Romain Veillon had the chance to see his work published in «Ca m'intéresse» of june 2017, of Yale University magazine summer 2017, in the «Trajectoire 118» spring 2017, the National Geographic of august but also in the review number 3 of Tind n°3 and in the norvegian magazine Bonytt with interviews about my artistic approach.