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Roald Synnevag

Roald Synnevag started taking photographs in 1978 and joined Bekkalokket Photo Club in Bergen, Norway at the same year. After having achieved good results in Bekkalokket's competitions for many years, he started taking part in the national competitions in 1988. Two years later in 1990, he started participating in FIAP approved competitions and had his first photo accepted in Latvia that year.

In 2005, Roald Synnevag held his first separate exhibition; and since 2009, he had a permanent exhibition at a public service office in Bergen. His photographs have been accepted/awarded in 81 different countries all over the world, with a total of 650 different images. 

On the other hand, Roald Synnevag was elected to be a member of NSFF (The Norwegian Photographic Society) board in 1993, and all in all in NSFF he has served 20 years as representative, 9 years as secretary, 4 years as vice-president and the last 7 years as president. In addition, Roald Synnevag has been NSFF's web editor for 7 years, and has been in charge of collecting historical materials and scanning/editing our photo collection of approximately 10,000 photos from 1930 to 2005. And eventually, Roald Synnevag was appointed an honorary member of NSFF in 2007.

Furthermore, Roald Synnevag has been the elected representative for Bekkalokket Photo Club for 25 years, and also the member of Stella Polaris Photogroup - a club for photographers in Scandinaia from 2014.

Right now, Roald Synnevag is secretary in Norsk Selskap for Fotografi (Norwegian Society of Photography) and in Nordic Society of Photography, and from 2015 he has been engaged in FIAP (Federation International De L`art Photogarphique), as Director of FIAP Magazine Service; and was awarded AFIAP in 1995 and EFIAP-P in 2016.

Currently, Roald Synnevag currently is ranked as number 7 in the national competitions, which have been held annually since 1930.

Main Awards:

1995  EsNSFF Eksellense Service - Norsk Selskap For Fotografi

1995  AFIAP      Artiste FIAP – Federation Internationale De L'art Photographique

1997  ANSFF  Artist - Norsk Selskap For Fotografi

1997  ENSFF  Eksellense - Norsk Selskap For Fotografi.

1997  HonENSFF    Honorær Eksellense - Norsk Selskap for Fotografi

2002  Honorary member of Bekkalokket Fotoklubb

2003  EFIAP     Eksellense FIAP - Federation Internationale De L'art Photographique

2007  Honorary member of Norsk Selskap For Fotografi (Norwegian Society of Photography)

2011  EFIAP-B    Excellence Bronze FIAP- Federation Internationale De L'art Photographique 

2014  EFIAP-S    Excellence Silver FIAP - Federation Internationale De L'art Photographique 

2014  MFIAP      Master FIAP - Federation Internationale De L'art Photographique 

2014  PPSA         Proficiency PSA – Photographic Society of America

2015  EFIAP-G    Excellence Gold FIAP - Federation Internationale De L'art Photographique

2015  ENSFF-B   Eksellense bronse - Norsk Selskap For Fotografi

2015  EPSA         Excellence PSA – Photographic Society of America

2016  EFIAP-P     Excellence Platinum FIAP - Federation Internationale De L'art Photographique

2016  ENSFF-S    Eksellense sølv - Norsk Selskap For Fotografi

2017  ENSFF-G   Eksellense gull - Norsk Selskap For Fotografi

2017  BPSA    Bronze PSA– Photographic Society of America

2017  MPSA   Master PSA – Photographic Society of America