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Michele Stanzione

Born in Benevento in 1981, Michele Stanzione showed his interest in all forms of art in general in his childhood and visited art exhibitions during his technical studies in spare time.

With those artistic edification and numerous artists friends’ influences, Michele Stanzione realised that his type of art took a diverse path from painting and sculpture, and preferred to express his vision of the world through digital camera and lens, beginning to give life in a first artistic phase to a series of surrealistic photo in which predominates color choice as the use of black and white.

On his way to taking photographs, Michele Stanzione has blended together beautifully scenic research and spontaneity. The resulting images go in search of a beauty that lasts over time, away from fads and temporary; their fine line between real and surreal becomes blurred, and eventfully disappear.


Michele Stanzione's photographic working experience, exhibitions and awards:

In 2007, working at the exhibition for the 95th Anniversary of Albanian Independence to the Albanian Embassy in Rome.

In 2010, beginning a period of personal and collective exhibitions that took Michele Stanzione among the many places to exhibit at the Castel dell'Ovo in Naples for exhibition "Solidarte", and in progress for Italy for the exhibition "Self-portraits - Artists of the Third Millennium" by Massimo Guastella.

In 2010, exhibiting “My World” in Montesarchio, Italy.

In 2015, being the guest of the government of Guangdong province, China, to attend the "Guangdong Through The Lenses of European Photographers", a journey that took Michele Stanzione 10 days to discover the magnificent Guangdong to build ahead of the photographs International Expo Milano 2015. 

In 2015, participating in the International Biennial of Works on Paper "Stemperando" with exhibitions in Turin, Rome and Tirana (Albania) by Dott. Anselmo Villata.

In September 2015, visiting China again to attend the "Beirin Left Banner International Photography Season", on the occasion of this event being appointed Ambassador for the promotion of the Inner Mongolia through photography, in the same period coming the appointment also the Government of the Province of Guangdong, as Ambassador for the promotion of Guangdong through photography. Some of his photographs being exhibited in collective photographic exhibition at the China Pavilion at Expo Milan 2015.

Between September and November 2015, as the protagonist of a photographic journey in 13 European countries capitals of culture from 1985 to 2000. This photographic work has been the focus of the exhibition held in Qingdao (in Shandong Province, China) in December 2015 entitled "The Immortals of a City" by the great artist Zeng Yi.

In November 2016, winning the prestigious title of "Mo-tse Photograpy Master Award" at the 6th Edition of the International Biennial of Photography in Ji'nan, in Shandong Province, China.

Currently, Michele Stanzione is Professional photographers in NPS - Nikon Professional Services.


Michele Stanzione's Publications:

In 2013, the book “Nere e Bianchi” published by fotografia, to present similarities and contrasts between two different ways of living the same mystery.

In 2015, as Co-author of the book "Guangdong" published by Polistampa - Florence with a preface by Vincenzo Sanfo (President of the Italian Center for the Arts and Culture of Turin). The book was presented during the series of meetings "To read not to forget" organised by Anna Benedetti, at the Library of the Oblates in Florence.

The book “White and Black" (published by Polistampa - Florence) comparing, always in monochrome, two of the oldest religious traditions of southern Italy, that ends with a chapter of finitude celebrating the theatricality of the Neapolitan superstition Fontanelle cemetery in Naples.

His photographic production (particularly appreciated) in the photographs International Expo Milano 2015, saw the publication in the magazine China Pictorial. Besides, he collaborated with several international photo agencies for the production of photographic reportages; and some of his photographs were published in national and international newspapers.

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