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Liu Luyu

After being assigned to work in Henan Photographers Association in 1985, Liu Luyu has devoted himself to photography field. In 1997, he, as a member of China photography education delegation, participated in the exchange in New York Institute of Photography. Through decades experience and practice, Liu Luyu has created own photographic characteristics and specialized in landscape photography. At the very beginning he mostly took documentary photography, however, Liu Luyu prefers to be called as a landscape photographer after falling in love with nature and being more satisfied with own scenery photos than others.

In addition, Liu was honored several photography awards including the highest award for photography in China, the Golden Statue Award, in 2001, and China (Sanmenxia) White Swan Wildlife International Photography Festival which caused a stir at home and abroad in 2017. Currently, Liu Luyu is not only the Chairman of the Henan Photographers Association, but a master in photography.

Regarding to taking pictures, in his opinion, solid basic skills in photography are super necessary. Landscape photography, especially, puts forward the strictest requests for image quality and photographic techniques compared to other types of photos, and calls for a mastery of exposure, diaphragm and depth of field. And the spirit of Innovation is also needed to avoid similar pictures.

Besides, as a manager of photography association of a province, Liu Luyu and his team launched many activities to encourage photographers and photography enthusiasts in Henan Province to expand their scenes around China. Those activities have done the most to tap the potential of talents and were highly praised by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles.

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