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Elaine Duigenan

Elaine Duigenan is a photographic artist based in London. Her approach is one of prolonged focus on single objects. She has exhibited internationally and has work in collections which include the V&A and The Museum of Fine Art in Houston. Also, her work is represented by Klompching Gallery in New York.

Alongside making her own series of work for exhibition, Elaine Duigenan undertakes artist residencies and works alongside institutions such as Wellcome Collection to devise and deliver special projects. In late 2009, one of her images was flown to The International Space Station by Astronaut Leland Melvin on Shuttle Atlantis. In 2013 Wellcome, known as "a destination for the incurably curious", organized a groundbreaking exhibition called "Souzou" (the word combines "imagination" and "creation"). It featured the work of Japanese "outsider artists". The artist Shota Katsube inspired her to make objects out of one of the most ordinary of materials - the twist tie. Katsube makes tiny warrior figures but Elaine's sculptures took an organic shape and she began to reference the work of Karl Blossfeldt, the famous German photographer. 

In April 2016 Elaine Duigenan launched the series Blossfeldt's Apprentice which was premiered by her gallery KLOMPCHING (New York) at AIPAD (the Association of International Fine Art Dealers). She handmade the subjects of some of her iconic photographs and then made images of those objects. 

In addition to another interesting thing about the work, Elaine Duigenan uses a scanner (something that has recently been written about in Martin Barne's new book Cameraless Photography). She has been experimenting with the technique for 20 years and produces sumptuous prints that have very rich matte blacks.