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Claudio Ricchetti

Claudio Ricchetti was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on  July 20, 1960. He is an Accountant, a Bachelor in Business Management and went in for a postgrade on Negotiation.

In 2003, he started working in digital photography  under the guidance of Nicolàs Berlingieri. Furthermore, influenced by Magritte, Campanella and Liberti, Claudio Ricchetti applied painting techniques in his creative work.

He participated in the Tuscany Photo Festival at Massa Maritima, Italy; where he studied, coached by the photographer Roberto Rocchi. He is an active member of Foto Club Buenos Aires, the Photographic Society of America and Image sans Frontiere, besides Artiste FIAP. In addition, he has participated and has been awarded many prizes at different international competitions (Japan, Sweden, India, Spain, France, Denmark, United States, Argentina, China, etc.). His photographs also have been published in different international catalogs.

In 2006, Claudio Ricchetti participated in a photographic Exhibition at the Provincial Museum “Dora Ochoa de Masramon” as a member of the Digital Group, fostered by the government of the Province of  San Luis. He was invited by the authorities for the opening of the exhibition.

Later in July, he displayed his photos at Foto Club Buenos Aires and the event was called “Immaginarium”. In the same month, the government of San Luis also invited him to present his surrealistic photographic collection together with Dali’s Mega Itinerant exhibition. In August the Czech Photoart magazine published a portfolio of his work.

Besides, he participated in the joint exhibition of the XIV Open Meetings of the Light Festival 2006, and has been invited to exhibit his photographs at several photographic internet galleries.

In September, Claudio Ricchetti went to China as a guest artist to the China Contemporary International Photographic Exhibition where he received the Academy Special Award.

During his stay in China, simultaneous exhibition were held at Shandong College of Art and Design, at the Eastern Modern Gallery, both in Ji’nan, and at Confucius’Temple in Qufu.

What’s more, on February 24 2007, Claudio Ricchetti presented part of his work at the Photoshopfest 2007 in Sweden, and made an individual exhibition during the fest. In May of the same year, he was invited to show his work at the 14th Kyoto Joint Photographic Exchange held in Japan.

In September, he and his colleague Nicolás Berlingieri presented their  photographs during the Communication Week at the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (Argentine University for the Entrerprise - U.A.D.E). They also offered a talk to students about Surrealistic Photography.

Claudio Ricchetti was awarded with the Great Prize of Honor for the LXXXII Zaragoza International Autumn Show. As a result, his photos have been exhibited at the Royal Society of Photography held in Zaragoza, Spain during the month of December of 2007.

One year later in 2008, he participated at the Buenos Aires Digital Photo Show in Ravena Italy with the support of the City Council and the Culture Institute of the Emilia Romana Region.

On July 2010, Claudio Ricchetti has participated in the Chengde International Photo Festival, in Hebei province, China and in Quinghai Sanjangyuan  Int. Photo Festival. And one month later on August, he was invited to the joint exhibition in the Aktia ban gallery, Loviisa, Finland.

On April 2011, Claudio Ricchetti  participed in the join exhibition UPI in the Museo de la Fotografía, Rafaela, Argentina.

Laterly, Claudio Ricchetti  got the E.F.A.F. and the E.F.I.A.P., and got the MASTER  F.I.A.P. on April 2015.

He is also, co-author of the book “Digital Surrealism” edited by Del Nuevo Extremo Editorial Group.



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