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Chris Forster

In the late 1960s, Chris Forster started processing and printing black and white; hence, he joined a local camera club to improve his knowledge and experience, but was disappointed by the record nature of most of the photos he saw. Then he started entering local competitions and national exhibitions, with excitement of creative work and enjoyment of incentive.

Working mainly with 35mm color slides, Chris Forster learned many new creative techniques both in camera and during post-processing and copying, and consequently made his own registration frame.

In the mid-1980s, Chris Forster started entering international exhibitions using mostly creative slides, achieving both AFIAP and EFIAP distinctions, and also an FRPS distinction.

Chris Forster started using digital capture and processing when he thought that the obtainable quality equalled that of film. “I realised the tremendous potential for digital processing to help with my creative aspirations, but I also realised that it would be difficult to avoid purely technical exercises with these new tools.” said photographer.

Besides, Chris Forster still enters exhibitions to understand what is possible and to keep up to date with the latest techniques, and thus has achieved the FBPE distinction for acceptances in British national exhibitions.

In addition, Chris Forster is also an active member of camera clubs and has been Chairman of the last two he has joined. And he also promotes learning and appreciation of creative photography through giving lectures and judging at both local and national level.