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Virgilio Bardossi

Virgilio Bardossi: IFI - EFIAP/p - MFIAP

Born in Florence, Italy in 1945, Virgilio Bardossi has always fascinated by photography and brought his first reflex camera and enrolled in FIAF associated (Federazione Italiana Associazioni Fotografiche - Italian Photographic Associations Federation) club in 1973.

Although Virgilio Bardossi prefers to work with B/W films, his photographic works are also in color. In addition to reportage them, he is also interested in getting into close contact with the people he captures, as well as landscape, portrait and sport photography.

On the other hand, Virgilio Bardossi has developed and printed his own B/W photographs by himself (since he cannot image a B/W work was printed by other people), and his photos has been showed around the world.

As a experienced and professional photographer, Virgilio Bardossi receveid several prizes and unanimous consent in various international photographic contest. Particularly in Italy, Virgilio Bardossi held the second absolute place as far as admissions to contest are concerned; and has been also the first to be awarded four different stars in FIAF statistics. Among his achievements are three first prize, a second prize and Honorat Mention in the FIAP (Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique) World Cup for nations. He has been awarded prizes in three different Photo Nikon Contest editions.

In addition to some books and calendars, he also has published folders (numbered, signed and printed in limited edition) with his work: "Portrait: Maramures at the End of the Millennium" at the FIAP Congress in Prato (Italy) and "The World of Maramures" at the FIAP Congress in Budapest. This last work, judged to be the best of the Congress, earned him the title of Maitre FIAP.

Furthermore, an issue of the French magazine "Photo Art" - distribud all over the world - devoted an 8-page spread to Virgilio. In 2005, Virgilio Bardossi was invited by China, with other photographers from all over the world, to document Tibet. In 2006, the FIAP granted him the EFIAP/Platinum.

In the whole world, his photographers possessing both these two photographic honors, Maitre FIAP and EFIAP/p, can be counted on one hand.

The lastest work has been the book "High Water to Venice" - an only book to describe the phenomenon of the high water. A selection of these photos has been exposed in Venice in the prestigious gallery "Bevilacqua La Masa" in San Marco Square. During the year of 2007, FIAF conferred him honour IFI - Insignito Fotografo Italiano -(Confered Italian Photographer) upon him.