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Arion Davis

Arion Davis is a professional artist who specializes in portrait photography. With a passion for human connections and spirituality, his artistry reflects authenticity. Capturing subjects in their natural element, garnering trust and guiding them out of their comfort zones is something Davis takes pride in. 

Born in the Chicagoland area, Arion Davis began his career as a photographer in high school. Winning the “Best of School” art award helped him recognize his talent and motivated him to pursue a career in the field. Davis earned a B.A. in Photography from Columbia College Chicago. There, he inhaled all aspects of the craft, learned valuable techniques discovered what art would mean to him and how it would shape his future. While being a full-time student, he was determined to find a balance for his career. He forged relationships within the industry and has had opportunities to work with top clients such as Nike, Jordan, CNN, and more.  Since becoming a photographer, Davis's work has been featured in publications such as Chicago Sun-Times, Red-Eye, and the Tribune. 

Davis values family, community, exploring the world and nature in search of inspiration. His upcoming project is a nostalgic experience of his family history in Mississippi, where he is committed to reconnecting with his roots and showcasing the forgotten beauty of an environment that is a safe haven to some. Currently a mentor in a non-profit organization, Arion hopes to continue to spread his love for photography to the youth, inspiring and nurturing their gifts. With several art exhibitions both nationally and internationally under his belt, Davis continues to grow as an artist by experimenting with various mediums. He plans to further explore the historical aspects of photography that he will implement into his new work.