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Adrian White

New York based photographer Adrian White creates portraiture primarily dealing with memory, trauma and history from the perspective of people of the African diaspora. His goal is to connect with his ancestors by remembering the past, documenting the present and imaging a utopian future. 

White was born and raised in the small tobacco and cotton town of Stantonsburg, NC. He studied at North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC (BA, 2002), Brooks Institute of Photography  (BFA 2014) and is currently pursuing his MFA in photography, video and other related media from Parsons School of Design.

"My photographic process places as much an emphasis on preserving memories as it does creating images. Memories have the power to heal. We just have to pay attention to what they're trying to tell us."


Artist Statement: 

History is manipulated, reconfigured to fit agendas. Photography is a malleable medium, shaping the world through lenses and biases. Grappling with its false allure of truth, I document the African diaspora in an effort to connect with my ancestors. Their systematic extermination has been erased from history and silenced in classrooms. I remember them, I connect with them - so that we can begin to heal. I document the future. I remember the past. I imagine a utopian future. By connecting with my ancestors, I learn about myself.

It is in the remembering that I believe that we can begin to heal.


Selected Exhibitions:

Photoville 2017, Brooklyn, NY

Photoville 2018, Brooklyn, NY

Pingyao Photo Festival 2018, Pingyao, China

Cit.i.zen.ship:  Reflections on Rights 2018, NYU Manhattan, NY

Veteran Art Exhibition 2018, San Fransisco, CA