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"Travel and friend do not matter how many you have, but how you feel and treat them."

- Yoyo

When Global Photography met Miss Yu, also called Yoyo by herself, she was at her young age in 22. However, Yoyo does not belong to every young girl in this age with caprice or reverie, instead belonging there in its more mature age of keening on chasing original dream and struggling for life. Taking photograph is what Yoyo fights for.

While crossing every city street around the world, Yoyo has always memorised all the pedestrians and pictures she encountered and of course captured them by camera, her best friend as she said. The most fantastic part there is that Yoyo has never thought photographing could bring so many surprises into her life, which further strengthened her determination to transmit love with images.

Because of photographing, Yoyo becomes more outgoing and lively. She therefore favors a further exploration in the great depth of travels in terms of culture, humanity and traditions. The fulfilling travel experiences thus allow Yoyo to make lots of friends in different characters because of photographing as well.

The fabulous Chinese version of Yoyo's profolio is here.