Xu Dan China fashion,portrait,advertisment,commerical
Xu Dan

It was an accident to be a photographer for Xu Dan, but to be a professional fashion, portrait and commercial photographer does depend on her own talents and endeavors.

After leaving the architecture industry, Xu Dan sank into hopeless stupor for a while, until taking advertisement photos for Zippo Men, which brought her some confidence that never had.

Subsequently, Xu Dan has experienced a fast growing and fruitful year in 2013 because of the photography, such as making lots of friends in a new field, learning valuable knowledge with others ... And her whole world was enlarged by photographed.

As a cutting-edge photographer at that time, Xu Dan founded a new company and created a private photo studio - Barbie Queen.

At present, Xu Dan is in close cooperation with RAYLI, 1626, YOHO, World Auto and other Media.

The fabulous Chinese version of Xu Dan's information is here