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Sun Yibing

Sun Yibing, also named Oneice, works as a creative director of an Italian clothing brand based in China, and also contract photographer of Getty Images.

Besides, he is also an extreme travel-lover. Because of traveling almost three times a year, Oneice’s life has been no longer boring, and his traveling experience around world open up a door of paying more attention on tour and photo tour.

After sharing colorful stories and documentary photographs through camera and lens, Oneice gained lots of fans as well as confidence for keeping photographing.

As of now, Oneice has already been to 21 countries and more than 70 cities. He is not only a travel photographer, but also the author of some travel notes, including Case Depart of 66US, Figures, Silver India and 9x9.


The fabulous Chinese version of Oneice's information is here.