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Staffan Widstrand

Photographer and writer

Born 1959

 Vice President and Co-founder, Wild Wonders of China (2014-)

Managing Director and Founder, Wild Wonders of Europe (2007-)

National Geographic Explorer

Co-Founder and Senior Advisor, Rewilding Europe Foundation (2011)

Co-Founder of the International League of Conservation Photographers (2005)

Co-Founder of the Swedish Ecotourism Association (1996)


Earlier in time, Staffan Widstrand was a picture editor, a nature tour guide and a nature tour production manager. Since 1990, he has became a full time independent professional photographer, working in long term projects.

He is one of the founders of the "Wild Wonders of China" initiative, and also one of the founders of the cutting-edge nature conservation initiative "Rewilding Europe".


The winner of numerous international photography and book prizes and awards:

11 times in the "Wildlife Photographer of the Year", 5 times in the "European Wildlife Photographer of the Year", "Image of the Year in Sweden", 9 awards in the "Emirates Wildlife Photographer of the Year", appointed "Nature Photographer of the Year" in Sweden and 4 times the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Panda book award.


Author of 16 books, a founder of the Swedish Ecotourism Association and main consultant behind its quality label "Nature's Best", a founder of the Swedish National Carnivore information centre "The Big Five", a founding fellow of the "International League of Conservation Photographers, (ILCP)" and a founder of the mass communication initiative "Wild Wonders of Europe", which to date has reached 800 million people with its images and messages.

In 2012, Staffan Widstrand was awarded the "Golden Streamer"("Gouden Wimpel") – the highest award from the Dutch Postcode Lotteries. 


A jury number of major international photography competitions:

the Head judge for nature and a finals jury member in the World Press Photo competition (WPP), twice a jury member in The Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, a jury member in the Russian national nature photo competition "The Golden Turtle", a jury member of the "Xishuangbanna Photo Festival Competition" as well as of the "Humanity Photo Awards" in China. Outdoor Photography magazine has called him "One of the World's most influential nature photographers".


Staffan Widstrand is also a Nikon Ambassador since 1997, and a National Geographic Explorer since 2009.


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