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Petros Koublis

Born in 1981, Petros Koublis's relationship with photography started in 2000, after having dedicated some of his adolescent years in painting.

Particularly, he studied photography in an Athens' institute and participated in some series of seminars on history of photography, being mostly developing his style through a constant personal exploration. Petros Koublis participated in many exhibitions while he was also honored in a number of photography contests here in Greece.

Afterwards, Petros Koublis's professional relationship with photography started in 2004. Working as a professional photographer, he mainly focused on fashion photography and portraiture, cooperating with magazines, both in Greece and abroad. In addition, he has been always trying to maintain and incorporate elements of his personal aesthetics in his professional work as well.

All of these years, Petros Koublis has been constantly working on personal projects, alongside his commissioned work, evolving the style and the aesthetics of photographic work.

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