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Jiang Ping

After thirty years of engaging in photographing with camera, Jiang Ping, a photo lover based in China, had been starting to take photos with smart phones three years ago, just as it is convenient and compact enough to be portable. At that time, because of the low pixels of mobile camera, photo quality created by mobile is not as great as it by digital camera. Jiang Ping, therefore, thought that there was no need to pay more attention on photographic design or related creation.

With the developments of mobile and mobile camera technology, however, there are more functions being invented and applied on mobile camera, enabling him to realize zoom and take higher pixels photos than before. And some mobile cameras can be equal to digital ones. Due to those advantages, Jiang Ping decided to conduct a thorough study and exercise on mobile photography.

And now he loves it too much, and is even awarded the golden prize of “The second Global Photography Mobile Phone Photo Contest” held by global Photography China last year.