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Li Dandan

Normally, it is rare that a person uses one hand to do one thing and another hand to do another thing. Actually, though, there is a 25-year-old girl who paints by the right hand and takes photographs by the left.

Born in Hebei Province, China, Li Dandan graduated from Nanjing University of the Arts in Photography in 2014. However, appreciating photos was originally because of observing the picture for painting, since she was learning painting in high school. The fine arts, in fact, is always her dream until she has gotten to know the famous Chinese photographer Chen Man, whose photographs and perception on photography gave Li Dandan a profound impact and consequently made her decide to study photography at University.

That is where Li Dandan steps into the photographing field and where she begins to love photographing.

With thoughtful photo works, Li Dandan entered the Top 10 shortlist of student focus in Sony World Photography Award 2014. But she still enjoys the life she likes, such as drawn, photography and ceramics, instead of constantly fighting for countless competitions. She believes that it is far enough for an individual to do what the one deeply loves.