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The photography artist, Leyla EMEKTAR was born in 1972 in Adana, Turkey. After completing her primary, secondary and high education in this city, she graduated from Çukurova University, Art Department of Faculty of Fine Arts; then, she started her career as Visual Arts Teacher. She is still pursuing her job and also tutoring part time at Kocaeli University, Department of Photography of Faculty of Fine Arts.

The photographer who gives lectures as workshops to photography societies and groups, was rewarded the degree of AFIAP in 2012 and EFIAP by "Federation ınternationale de L'art Photographique (FIAP)".

She was given the degree of GPUCR2 by Global Photographic Union in 2014. In both national and international contests, her works won over 250 prizes.

In 2013, by the Digital Arts Museum in California, Leyla EMEKTAR's art works were given Stellar Art Awards. And one year later, she was given the degree of GPUCR2 by Global Photographic Union in 2014. 

In 2015, in the documentary portfolio competition organised by China HPA and UNESCO - the official partner-, by achieving a great success Leyla EMEKTAR was invited to China.

Winning "The Alfred Fried Photography Award" which is held in Austria, she was invited to the Ceremony of Peace Photography and she became one of five photographers who deserved to get Peace Photography Prize in 2016. Her artwork was perennially taken to the Parliament Museum in Austria.

In addition in the same year, among 127 countries and 45,000 photographs, Leyla EMEKTAR deserved to get the first prize of Siena International Photo Awards 2016 - the International Photography Festival held in Siena, Italy. And she was invited to Italy and brought Pangea Prize to her country. 

Besides in the years of 2010, 2012 and 2014, she got the Success Prize for three times in the Government Photography Contest in the section of Creative Works.

Her personal interviews, on the other hand, were published in the leading International Photography Magazines.

With the photography artist Kemal KAYA, by carrying out an interactive photography exhibition project called “The Other Side of Life”, Leyla EMEKTAR brought something new to her field.

With the photographer Hakan TOKUÇ, she carried out a documentary project called “Sezer’s Diary” which is about a disabled child and the life from his point of view.

Furthermore, she had taken part in numerous national and international photography festivals with her personal and group exhibitions, and her works won over 150 prizes in both national and international contests. In addition, she takes part as a member of jury in different national and international photography competitions.

Right now, Leyla EMEKTAR keeps working on Creative Photography and is married and has two children.