Lei Min China art,concept,portrait,commercial,people,color
Lei Min

With art foundation learnt in childhood and experience of studying Industrial Design at University, Lei Min has always shown his abundance of ideas and fertile imaginations on his photographic works. As an independent photographer based in China, Lei Min specialises in taking portrait, concept and art photography.

Taking photography was affected by Lei Min’s father who loves photography for a long time. In Lei Min’s point of view, portrait photography is an interesting and magic subject, as people in particular role enables each image to produce a different atmosphere of romance, creation, fantasy or vintage.

Regardless of what kind of photography Lei Min takes, his unremitting attempt in preparation phrase and attention on details are the basis of his rewarding life, which verifies his belief in the words of “the harder you work, the luckier you get”.

The fabulous Chinese version of Lei Min's information is here.