Farnaz Damnabi Iran documentary,landscape,portrait,creation,color,bnw
Farnaz Damnabi

Born in Teheran, Iran in 1994, Farnaz Damnabi decided to allocate more time to photography after her graduation of 'Graphic Design' at University. At present, she is a freelance photographer who personally likes to pay more attention to women's feeling and their situation.


Main Title and Prizes:

2019 : Busan architecture and urban media. Second prize. South Corea.

2019: UAESDGS. Finalist. Emirates.

2019: 10th Guler Ertan. Silver Medal TSTF. Turkey.

2019: Unpublished Photo. Finalist. Italy.

2019: Hahnemuhle student photo contest. Finalist. Germany.

2019: Photometria festival. Finalist. Greece.

2018: Hipa photo contest. finalist Hope section. Emirates.

2018: Global mobile photography. First prize. China.

2018: Exibart Street photo contest. Finalist. Italy.

2017: Paba photo contest. First prize. USA

2017: Golden Orchid photo contest. Honorable mention. USA.

and some national awards and exhibitions.


In addition, Farnaz Damnabi has received the 2019 Changbai Mountain International Mobile Photo Contest (March and June) Award.