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Chen Mengli

Chen Mengli, a PhD graduates in Earth Science Major, is a young photographer born and grew up in Chongqing, China. When she was 16, she decided to leave for Singapore as a government-link scholar. Chen completed her bachelor degree in Singapore and then moved on to do a PhD with Singapore-MIT Alliance on Research and Technology. Due to the nature of her study, she has become a frequent traveler for numerous fieldworks, collaborations, conferences and academic visits.

Chen started photography in 2012 and still keeping it as her serious hobby. It hard to say whether the professional needs of her Major had ignited her photographic passion or the camera had assisted her major achievement. But all in all, photographer and scientist are inextricably linked up with Chen Mengli’s and her future life.

There were not only running steam and magnificent mountains in her lens, also minor details in daily life appearing on her photographs. Chen Mengli said, she loves using camera to build every scenario in her dreams and capture all moments in real world that she ardently loves.


The fabulous Chinese version of Chen Mengli's information is here.