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Achraf Baznani

Achraf Baznani is a Moroccan artist, filmmaker and photographer. He was born in Marrakesh/Morocco.

Baznani got started in photography by chance. He received a Kodak Ektra compact 250 camera for his birthday as a teen. Baznani is self-taught and has never taken photography classes. He has made several short films and documentaries. These include "Walk" in 2006 and "The Forgotten" in 2007. "The Immigrant" in 2007 received several national and international awards.

Baznani is best known for being the first artist in the Arab world to publish a photo-book based on surreal imagery. Both books, Through My Lens and Inside My Dreams, are surreal. Baznani places himself within his photographs of everyday objects, scenes and amusing situations.

His works were featured in various magazines worldwide like PicsArt, National Geographic, Mambo, Photo+, Amateur Photographer, Fotografe Melhor, Digital Photo magazine.

During 2014 he completed his "52 Project", a personnal mission which he committed on taking a picture every week in a row for a year.



2015: Best in the show in Park Art Fair International

2015: Merit in Sydney International Exhibition of Photography

2015: 1st Prize in B2zone art contest in Switzerland

2016: Honorable mention in Park Art Fair International

2016: 1st Place Winner – Golden Ribbon in Notindoor photography magazine contest

2016: Golden Orchid Grand Prize, New York

2016: International Prize Colosseo, Roma, Italy

2016: Best Modern and Contemporary Artist, Vienna

2017: Kunst Heute Award, Germany

2017: International Prize Galilei Galileo, Pisa, Italy

2017: Fine Art Photography Awards – Nominee Conceptual Category, London, UK

2017: Silver Medal, 100 Arab Photographers Award, Germany


Exhibitions (selection):

2015 "Colour brust", PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2015: Park Art Fair International 2015, Triberg, Germany

2015: Gallery Globe, Adisson, Texas, USA

2015: Digital Private Exhibition Louvre Museum, Paris, France

2015: My Small World, Solo Exhibition, Marrakesh, Morocco

2016: International Surrealism Now, Coimbra, Portugal

2016: Park Art Fair International 2016, Triberg, Germany

2016: Männer, Gräfelfing, Germany

2016: Inside my Dreams, Solo Exhibition, Rabat, Morocco

2017: Artmuc 2017, Munich, Germany

2017: Fine Art, Blank Art Gallery, Athènes, Greece

2017: Nordart, Germany


Art books:

Through my lens, 2014

Inside my dreams, 2014

I AM, 2016