Creativity on Landscape Photography

As an experienced and professional landscape photographer, Victor Liu has his own opinions and knacks of taking this kind of photos. And the most vital one, according to himself, is photographer’s creativity.

Victor Liu presented that creativity is not only necessary but also important for landscape photography, which is about the plan of forming a whole picture and predicting its development in the brain at least one month before you decide to photograph. For instance, how the cloud and light of your targeted scenery might change, how the background might be and if there anyone might be in your lens, which are the details that should be considered in your plan.

Afterwards, the points of finding a satisfactory landform as well as appropriate weather, on-the-spot investigation, and even adjusting your original plan and re-investigation have truly become the indispensable and helpful processes before pressing the shutter. Actually, those of them require photographer’s creative ability and experience as well.

However, the greatest opportunity to express photographer’s creativity and inspiration is the way of taking photos, such as the composition of the picture and accept or reject some of objectives in front of stunning scenes.

In short, final result of each photo came from your senses of art and aesthetics, which certainly reflects a photographer’s boundless imagination and creativity.

Magic World

Coast Impression

Rainball Falls in Sunset

Varying Auroras

Light and Fog in the Morning

(More Victor Liu's photo album is here)

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