Hurt and Love

There is an old saying goes in China, "customs and habits differ from area to area, even in a quite short distance. There are great differences between countries and countries, even districts and districts. With different garments and appearances, there are different beliefs and inner worlds."

This group of photos is the true record of the Africa. In Africa, there is a custom that a man ought to whip the girl to show his love to her. The higher he raises his whip, the more love he gives to his lover. In their eyes, the essenc of love is with blood. The scars left on their bodies are regarded as the symbols of love.

"Photography is not only a sort of skills and arts but kind of philosophies. It is the window to recognise the world and the souls of human beings. For photographers, different customs of strange countries possess incredible charms." Photographer Liu Fusheng said, "Africa has attracted many photographers to photograph there. The landscapes and customs have deeply moved photographers and had made the images of photography more colorful. Apart from photographing, I’d like more to put down the camera tocommunicate with the natives to put the daily life of theirs into practice with respects and understandings. I try to learn the local cultures and customs to understand the histories of civilization and to pay more attention to the current conditions of humanity."

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