My Thinkings

Success or failure, right or wrong -

They do not seem to matter so much

Once your back is turned.

But the green mountains will be there still,

And the setting sun glows as each day moves on.

by Shen Yang (1488-1559)

Years of hard work have never defeated me but let me learn the meaning of life. As the poem puts it, success or failure will be nothing even after a blink of eye. I begin to focus more on what kind of person I am. Being light hearted every day, willing to give a hand, always being upright, being generous to others.

Be open-hearted and stay leisurely and at ease. I like to explore the beauty of the nature. Joyful is me when the nature embrace me with soft wind, clear blue sky, grand mountains, tranquil lakes and lead me with the moon and the sun. Happiness also drowns me when people smile and receive me with their kind heart. When I am tired, I can find rest in the nature and the smile of people.

I treasure life. I love photography.

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