The Earth Is Calling

This series was taken at Kuitun Gorge, Xinjiang autonomous prefecture. Hundreds of thousands of years of erosion from rivers and wind form the platform today. I submerged myself into the mountains and took photos of them which exhibited the power of the nature.

The world is liked sealed by snow and ice and everything is quiet except the pattering of camels. The newly born sun rises slowly, endowing the world with life and power.

The mountains at a distance glooms among mist and the hill nearby is dyed by the sun with warm colors. The contrast between remote coldness and nearby warmth can still light a heart. The goat brings life into the still world.

The remote pointed mountains is contrasted with the round and slow slopes. The coldness of colors do not make a stagnant world only because of the two riders and their horses marching into the mountains.

With light pierces through clouds, the remote mountains come into our sight. Layers are clear from the background mountains to the foreground rock. The rock is like burning, full of energy. The rider is climbing the slope with power and strength. The vibrant life and strength fuse into one. Moving ahead!

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