Climate Change in Iran: When Once Lively Land Becoming Drought

A river near the city in which photographer Akon Salemi lived has a special connection to his teenage mind and he even shot his first photos there. However, its drying out in the last decade has caused him sadness. When he looks at his country, he sees this river is not the only place that has been a victim of the changing climate, but there are many ponds, lakes and green planes that are affected by the recent drought and are being eradicated completely.

In a project that Akon Salemi started in 2016 with helps of Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, he traveled to many parts of Iran to document climate change effects. Particularly, he took photos of a country that according to data provided by NASA, 35 percent of its currently inhabitable places will not be suitable for life in twenty years. A country that is fifth in the world based on the amount of Greenhouse gas produced.

In fact, most of people who live in remote villages have been already influenced by climate change. Even there is nobody to help them and they have to face this issue by their owns.

"I had witnessed the landscapes where once were habitats of many species, witnessed the lakes where once were the living source of many fishermen, and witnessed ponds where once had beautiful scenes to enjoy." Akon Salemi stated. "However, all of them turned to vast dried barren lands where remind me apocalyptical movie scenes......"

(All photos copyrighted Ako Salemi)

>> Gallery: Climate Change in Iran

>> Photographer: Akon Salemi

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