How to View Photography Festival: An Interview of Master Landscape Photographer Liu Luyu

Not long ago, chairman of the Henan Photographers Association Liu Luyu was interviewed by People's Photography about offering his opinions on landscape photography after successfully curating the (Sanmenxia) White Swan Wildlife International Photography Festival which caused a stir at home and abroad.

Bashang Grasslands

At the very beginning, Liu focused on documentary photography; however, he has fallen in love with nature after practicing in landscape shootings and is satisfied with his scenery photos. Then he calls himself as a landscape photographer.

In Liu's opinion, landscape photography puts forward the strictest requests for image quality and photographic techniques compared to other types of pictures, and calls for a mastery of exposure, diaphragm and depth of field. Therefore, solid basic skills and the spirit of innovation are necessary for an experienced cameraman who wants to be an eligible landscape photographer.

Animals' World In Masai Mara

Animals' World In Masai Mara

Sometimes, people think that scenery photos are thought to be too far from people's lives compared with documentary ones and may fail to stimulate critical thinking. Liu has different idea ---- A quality work suits both refined and popular tastes. Photos which depict breathtaking scenery get people relaxed. They also help to boost tourism and green economy as a kind of advertisement.

Taihang Mountians in Winter

Speaking of photography festival, Liu believes one photography festival may play a fundamental role in building a positive city image and strengthening a sense of pride and recognition among the citizens. By holding the photography exhibition, Sanmenxia has impressed people with its sound ecology and furthered its reputation by offering the photographers a favorable chance to zoom in on the white swans.

On the other hand, as the chairman of the Henan Photographers Association after years of working in the organization, Liu has his own opinion and way to balance his personal creative photography with association work. "To help the majority of Henan's photographers and photography enthusiasts to create better work is far more important than personal creation." Liu stated, "In other words, I will devote plenty of time to creating a better academic atmosphere and expand channels for them to upgrade themselves. All our efforts are meant to build Henan into a photographic hub. This is my first and foremost current concern."

In addition, Liu and his team launched an activity years ago to encourage Henan's photographers and photography enthusiasts to expand their scenes around China. Activities like this have done the most to tap the potential of talents and were highly praised by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles.

Taihang Mountians in Winter

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