Afghanistan: A Land of Continuous Conflict

Afghanistan has been at war for most of the last 50 years. Invasion, occupation, insurgency, civil war, invasion, occupation, insurgency. The country is now experiencing the second Presidential era after the Western forces could create the country enough integrated. Unfortunately, the election of the new president, not only has no promise of democracy, but at the same time civilian casualties and insurgent attacks are showing significant increases over these years. With the withdrawal of Western forces over these years, the future holds both non-promise and with great risks.

Nowadays, Taliban is one of the most important challenge that the government is facing. Insecurity is the main issue of worries among people. The Government has lost the power on several provinces and there are fights between Afghan forces and Taliban and ISIS from time to time. Suicide bombing and explosions have increased in the big cities specially in Kabul, the Capital. Women and girls are especially at risk in Afghanistan. The Taliban have targeted women activists, educators and any woman working outside the home.Conflict and long-term instability in Afghanistan have led to personal trauma, and severe economic and infrastructural damage.

In addition, there are still fundamental problems that has to be solved. Drug addition, lack of education, unemployment, poverty and depravity are common. Government corruption is still one of the worst worldwide. Afghan security forces has a long way to get empowered for controlling the security of the country. Despite of the violence, poverty, drug addiction and lack of education life goes on in Afghanistan. People continue to live with hope for a better tomorrow.

Still, insecurity is the norm. Every time a person goes out, there is a possibility that they won't return. Trauma is routine. Every family has been touched by violence. Daily life is a struggle, as basic essentials can be hard to come. The project that has been continued for over ten years, illustrates the life of ordinary people and their daily life as well as the effort of the Afghan forces to get empowered for fighting with Taliban and threats.

The idea for continuing this project is to illustrate the life of people in the continuous conflicts of the country to drawing the attention of global as the mission of photojournalism as well as documenting the visual aspects of it to remain for the history.

(All photos copyrighted Majid Saeedi)

>> Gallery: Afghanistan: A Land of Continuous Conflict

>> Photographer: Majid Saeedi

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