Le-Musée: Incredible Frescoes and Paintings on the Walls of Abandoned Homes

The time travel experienced by Romain Veillon in his photographic world was quite different than the time flashes in that those involved merely an presentation of abandoned subjects with a future or past self. There is inspired exploration on the known or even the unknown world.

After publishing "Ask the Dust", recording "Faded Dream", dragging "The Ghost Hotel", and exploring "The Dry Guillotine", we welcome Romain Veillon's new impressive series "Le-Musée", which photographs abandoned places with frescoes and paintings in countries across the Europe.

Here is how Romain Veillon found those abandoned arts and captured them with camera below.

Little by little, as Romain Veillon explored abandoned places across Europe, he stumbled upon frescoes and paintings in some rooms. And he was lucky enough to find them in Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and Ireland. Actually, Romain Veillon was not intentionally looking for them, but as time went by, he realized he was lucky enough to have seen many of them! In that case, Romain Veillon decided to reunite them.

In order to find those arts, Romain Veillon spent much of his time on Google to look for locations to visit during his trips, and then asked people whether they knew where he could find some.

The quality of the frescoes and paintings are quite different from each other, but it is still stunning to discover how people decided to decorate their homes! Sometimes, there are also clues of the history of the family or the area! Every time it is about the same mix of amazement and sadness.

The words of "joy to be able to travel in the past and to witness unique and wonderful paintings, especially only a few of them were able to see" are what Romain Veillon feels about those marvelous pieces of art. At the same time, however, he is also discouraged to see that they will soon be completely destroyed and that this art will be forgotten forever.

(All photos copyrighted Roman Veillon)


We collect Romain Veillon’s “Le-Musée” series in three albums (Le-Musée I, Le-Musée II, and Le-Musée III) for better viewing experience on the site. Click the names to appreciate whole images.

Also, make sure to check Romain Veillon’s website for more information and photographs.

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