Vedema: Harvesting the Most Original Beauty of Santorini

To touch beauty, there has to be honesty.

- Petro Koublis

With its ancient cities, beautiful towns on the cliffs, fascinating coastlines and reputation for the most beautiful sunset in the world, Santorini has undoubtedly become one of the most photographed places in Greece for both visitors and photographers. Accordingly, however, what we saw, in most cases, are the same-old uni-dimensional photos of blue domes and whitewashed cubical houses, which leads to the onset of aesthetics weariness.

Rather than focusing on those classic sceneries that Santorini is world-renowned for, Greek photographer Petro Koublis instead decided to explore less known parts of the island and captured the origins and nature of Santorini through the prism of Greek mythology. The idea was turn our eyes away from the famous views of the island and also investigated the secrets and mysteries of the landscapes that spreads towards the eastern part of the island.

Commissioned by Vedema, a Luxury Collection Hotel and Resort in Santorini, Petro Koublis demonstrates those painterly images of inspiring landscapes, plants, animals and local culture of the island with a side of ethereal in the photo series "Vedema", as same as the hotel's name. The hotel is located in the southern part of the island, next to a wonderful large area of vineyards, and its name comes from its history and connection to the surrounding nature, as in Santorinian idiom ventema means harvest.

"The series investigates the traces of the island's volcanic origin only to reach for something more personal and universal; our very own origin", photographer stated, "I offer a refreshing departure from hackneyed brochure images and dare to introduce people to a completely different perspective of an oft-photographed island."

What's more, those photos propose a narrative with the titles, bringing about a new interpretation while inviting the viewers to harness their own feelings and thoughts while understanding the abstract language of photography.

"The island of Santorini rises like an enchanting secret, both hidden and revealed, both real and mythical, wrapped in the captivating drama of its prehistoric volcanic creation. The Spirit of fire still wanders among the black rocks of the island, reciting an ancient, hypnotic poem, vigorously narrating the story of its origin through the hieroglyphics that the lava ecstatically engraved in the untamed land ...

For in this island everything is somehow linked to a dream; like that of Euphemus, who dreamt one night that he made love to a nymph, the daughter of Triton. In his dream, the nymph who got pregnant and feared the wrath of her father, asked Euphemus to get a clod of earth from Anaphe, the island they were at, and throw it to the sea, so she could hide there and safely give birth to their child; even if it was a dream, he followed the nymph's request and the new island appeared.”

(All photographs courtesy of Petros Koublis)

>> Gallery: Vedema

>> Photographer: Petros Koublis

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