Ask the Dust: Photo Collection of Abandoned Places

Ever since Roman Veillon can remember, he has always been fascinated by derelict places because of a few childhood exploration as well as loved to go there and try to imagine what could have been their stories and how people used to live there. Roman Veillon, talented photographer and urban explorer from France, thereupon decided to take a camera with him to bring back memories of his trips.

With passion for travel and photography, Roman Veillon has traveled across Europe and to countries in Africa and South America to explore and take photos of several abandoned buildings over four years. Whether they are castles, factories, hospitals or even churches, Roman Veillon considers all of them as our heritages left in the world, and the places where time seems to be frozen and when the world seems to be forgotten, resolved us to take advantage of the discovery of the sites.

"With time I decided to try to capture the spirit and timeless atmosphere we can experience there, to show how time has stopped there and how decay and nature slowly take back possession of it," said photographer, "I love when nature takes over human constructions which creates a unique and unreal atmosphere. It puts in perspective our presence on earth and remind us that we are only passers-by." For photographer himself, it is like traveling in time, and each room of those derelict buildings is special and has its own history and story.

Come with Roman Veillon in a time-liked travel from communists relics in Bulgaria or Hungary to the incredible villas and palaces in Italy passing by the tremendous factories and power plants in France or Belgium, the esthetic beauty that emerge from the chaos of decay just greets us like we are there. When you are looking at those meserising photos, what kind of “dust” coming into your head? It can be sure that there must be a unique "dust" that only belongs to you especially while enjoying a cup of cappuccino or listening Bonnie Raitt's music.

What's more, those amazing photographs are featured in Roman Veillon's first hardcover book, named Ask the Dust. And he is highly secretive when it comes to the abandoned buildings, preferring not do disclose the exact location of the photos for fear that those places would be trashed by vandals.

(All photos copyrighted Roman Veillon)

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Photo Series mentioned above: Sand of Time (I, II) + Escape of Jail + Man of Steel (I, II) + Luxuria

Book of "Ask the Dust" is available at Amzon.

Photographer: Roman Veillon.

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