The Bathhouse of Vehicles: A Photographic Creation during A Car Washing

To Tianwan-based photographer Zhang Yonglong, Art is the matter of mind and inspiration, which is creating different themes of unordinary life.

While sitting inside the car and looking at the washing's bubble out of the window, a ripple of excitement and moving rises in his heart, and he feels like wandering round the valley that was fully painted by totem.

After stopping the zone out and coming back from the wonderland, Zhang immediately decided to capture this scene by using his camera in arm's reach. Apart from experienced technique, appropriate combination of shadows, lines, colors and unique styles had created this picture. And of course, there is no shortage of adroit use of overexposure and recombination method in the photo editing period, in order to present what is inside of Zhang's mind eventually.

(Photo copyrighted Zhang Yonglong)

> More info: Zhang Yonglong

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