Living Space: Lego-liked Buildings Sit in the Typical Hong Kong Street

As one of the most densely populated city in China, there is always bustling street and convenient business opportunity in Hong Kong. In fact, however, peoples pressure from living environment hidden behind it.

Off Duty


Apartments sit close alongside their neighbouring properties. Those lego-liked buildings with clothes hanging outside the balconyless windows can be seen everywhere in Hong Kong. Birds and golden fishes are the common pets in families due to the limitation of living space. It happens everyday that people who lost themselves in the city are pursuing their directions; hurried people, on the contrast, are still upon their ways, without any words......


Hanging Clothes

Air Conditioner

Golden Fish


The Birdcages


Without gorgeous appearance, twelves photos in a series present what the true life is behind prosperity of a typical Hong Kong street in the city as well as expresses Taiwan-based photographer Zhang Yonglong's own inside world.



Commercial Street

(All photos copyrighted Zhang Yonglong)

> More info: Zhang Yonglong

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